Tree Removal Warrnambool

We have the experience, knowledge & equipment needed to professionally remove trees of any size.  If you need to clear land for new construction we can provide a comprehensive clearance service, including an arborist report if required, that will ensure minimal delays on any future project.


At Duggan Civil we always put our clients first and we will leave the site clean and tidy with minimal damage to the surrounding environment.

Examples of where our tree removal services may be required:

  • A tree and its roots are causing structural damage to a building or structure, including residential homes or businesses.

  • A tree has grown far too big for the property it is located on and the owner cannot provide and/or afford the ongoing care and maintenance required to keep the tree healthy and safe.

  • Trees that are damaged by storms or other natural disasters often become unsafe and pose a real danger to people and property in their vicinity.

  • Land clearing prior to commencement of construction works of any kind - from backyard renovations to major commercial projects.

  • Trees that are old and likely to fall, posing a danger to nearby people and property.


There are many other reasons why you may need a tree removed and the friendly professionals at Duggan Civil can help you no matter what the circumstance.

You can rest assured that we will look after your tree removal needs and complete any work required quickly, for a fair price and to our high quality and safety standards.


Our team is committed to operating under the highest levels of safety for our employees, clients, the community & the environment.

Tree Removal Warrnambool
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